Yo, It’s COol

TFR Writing prompt from Pinterest:

“Want to see what kind of trouble we can get into?” Joe asks. He bats his eyes a few times, trying to make it seem like this will be a romantic adventure.

Rex isn’t having it, “We’re going to die, aren’t we?” He doesn’t even look up. He knows that Joe is off his rocker and that this adventure will be no different than the last.

Joe laughs but it sounds bitter and out of place. Does he know something, “It’s a Tuesday. I know how to restrain myself.”

Rex slips the knife he was sharpening back into its sleeve and stood up, heading for the door. “You absolutely do not.” Rex still hadn’t looked at Joe. He wasn’t sure why but maybe the thought of making eye contact would make this quest even worse. It remind him that they both had death wishes and that most likely neither one was coming back alive.

But if there was one thing that rang true – they had never died on a Tuesday.

Joe strode up beside him, brandishing a new .45. Rex was scared to ask what had happened to the last one or the one before that. They were all carefully numbered. This one said 26 in all gold lettering. Rex shuddered.

They headed down the driveway, eyes pealed for the gang that had been out to kill them for the past few weeks. It was a completely different gang than they usually dealt with – just a bit fiercer than the rest. Joe leaned into Rex with a small smile, “You really should stop worrying. We only die on Wednesdays.”

Again another true statement.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

They froze. What the fuck was that? Was there a bomb?

Rex surveyed the area. The wind was chaffing his lips and he felt that they had just walked themselves into a trap. But there was only silence and a few rustling leaves.

The beeping continued.

And then silence.

Rex’s eyes bugged as he turned to Joe. He knew exactly what the sound was and it wasn’t a bomb. “What time is it?” Joe shrugged and pulled out his inspector gadget watch – the same one he had won when they were 11.

“Midnight, why, what’s wrong with you?”

Goddamnit. “Joe, it’s fucking Wednesday.


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